By the decree of 13-04/S dated February 17.2011 Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was established Center of Nakhchivan Study.

   The Center of Nakchivan Study the supreme Assembly Nakhchivan Anatomous Republic is served following services to the readers:
   -Using the electron library through internet
   -Using the electron catalog within the library
   -The use of literatures in the library fund and other means
   Reading and periodicals hall
   There are 36 reader places in reading and periodicals press hall. There are literatures of various spheres, magazines and newspapers in the hall. 23 kinds of newspapers, 18 kinds of magazines in the Azerbaijan and Russian languages are bought for the reading hall. It has access to use internet in the reading and periodicals press hall.
    Electron reading hall
    There are 6 readers and a supervisor seat in the e-reading hall. In the library service is given through global internet and network. In the reading hall 5 set of computers and DVD and CD is given to the readers and the following services are offers: 
    -To use the literature in the fund of library through electron catalog
    -By the electronic catalog can be used documents, manuscripts, video materials, audio materials, photographs and maps of the central archival fund.
    -To use other stocks of libraries through internet
    -The reading hall of Nakchivanshunaslig section.
    The terms of Center of Nakhchivan Study of the supreme Assembly Nakhchivan Anatomous Republic:
    1. The Nakhchivan study center of Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (in future-Centre) was established according the base of library of Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and “Nakhchivanshunaslig” department of Autonomous Republic library by disposal number 13-04/S signed by Head of Supreme Assembly on 17th February in 2011.The Centre is a government culture institution learning and promoting the history, scientific and literary environment, art, natural resources and culture, also the life and activities of prominent persons of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
   2. The “Center” can be used by all citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and foreign citizens, management, companies and organizations. Using the fund of archive of the center is free of charge. At the same time may be subject in addition to labor additional paid services (photo copies, restoration, etc).
   3. Use from the “Center” is only carried out on the basis of the reader’s ticket. While entering the “Center” must be presented a ticket. While a reader ordering or purchasing a book, and the reader’s ticket must be presented.
   4. The person who lost the reader’s ticket must apply with the relevant application form to the registration unit and after month take the new reader’s ticket.
   5. To give the reader’s ticket to other person is prohibited. If this happens the reader is deprived of the right to use the “Center”.
   6. To give the literature to other person or to leave from the control-checkpoint is strictly forbidden.
   7. It is forbidden to enter to the library with upper clothes and unswitched mobile phones.
   8. It is forbidden to bring to the center copy materials, photos, case, bag, photo camera. The things must be surrender to the wardrobe.
   9. The persons who rend or spoil the literature are bear responsibility in the manner by law.
   10. Use the directory and files politely. It is not allowed to write their questionnaire, to rend, to take out and it cannot be to put the catalog cases aside from catalog boxes.
   11. From the literature fund can be used only in that room.
   12. Citizens can use the library who complies with the rules of library with the written agreement.
   Note: Each citizen over the age of 16 can become a member of the Center of Nakchivanshunaslig of the supreme Assembly Nakhchivan Anatomous Republic. For becoming a member of the library is required size with 3x4 and identity card.