By the decree of 13-04/S dated February 17.2011 Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was established Center of Nakhchivan Study.

    About the center


        The history of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic have not studied at the appropriate level in the Soviet Union and given a number of serious scientific mistakes. During the leadership in Azerbaijan National leader Haydar Aliyev was started re-investigation our nation’s, history, language, literature, archeology and ethnography, folklore and traditions, national and moral values on the basis of scientific evidences and concrete facts.
       Attracting the Azerbaijan scientists’ attention to study of importance of Nakhchivan in terms of modern scientific approach national leader said: “The ancient and rich history of “Nakhchivan is the brightest pages of Azerbaijan history. Our main goal is to learn the history of Nakhchivan comprehensive, to explore, to publish them in the scientific and popular books, to use in publicity materials”.
       Taking these into account in order to promote a large number of books, albums, popular science articles, newspaper and magazine materials, documentary films, preservation of electron carriers and others dedicated to Nakhchivan, by the decree of 13-04/S dated February 17.2011 Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was established Nakhchivanshunaslig Center.
       The Centre is a government culture institution learning and promoting the history, scientific and literary environment, art, natural resources and culture, also the life and activities of prominent persons of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. According of The Centre’s Regulation archive and fund for general use the. The “Center” can be used by all citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and foreign citizens, management, companies and organizations.
       The main function of the Centre is to provide safety and develop of Nakhchivanshunaslig’s heritage in science, study, culture and in different spheres, allure science and culture workers to study and promote accordingly subjects and create necessary conditions for their scientific activities.